It is inspired by the Chinese dragon, which is a 
sacred symbol. Hot pot is a kind of "palace delicacy" enjoyed by ancient emperors only. In the Qing dynasty, hot pot was popular with the royal nobles, which could be found at almost every banquet, and the Qianlong Emperor was a hot pot lover. It can be seen that hot pot had a lofty status, as family members could only eat this precious royal cuisine at Lunar New Year's Eve dinner.

Xing Fu Top Food Group launched the first customized golden dragon pot in the world. The dragon pot puffing steam when it is put on the dining table presents the image of dragons puffing smoke, so that every customer feels like being treated as an emperor.


Xing Fu Top Food Group is about to sweep the whole world by rolling out Xing Fu Top Dragon Meat Bun following an upsurge of interest in and a craze for Xing Fu Tang’s Brown sugar bubble milk worldwide.
Xing Fu Top Food Group not only passes down traditional food culture, but subverts tradition and transforms xiaolongbao into a new legend!
As one of the Emperor Qianlong’s favorite snacks, Xing Fu Top Food Group is to unveil the world's top-grade xiaolongbao—Xing Fu Top Dragon Meat Bun—to delight your taste buds.