Beauty Rose Brown Sugar Gold Leaf Bubble Milk.

Xing Fu Tang has launched the world's first luxury gold leaf series. Its brown sugar bubble milk tea is adorned with a whole edible rose and gold leaf, targeting young girls. It is in a woman's nature that she desires to be beautiful. Xing Fu Tang adds natural ingredients into hand-shaken drinks to create a boutique style in the beverage industry. The drink exhibits a gorgeous and grandiose look adorned with a whole edible rose! With a perfect blend of a rose, gold leaf and brown sugar, every sip can taste the fragrance of the rose, as if you were drinking a beauty product.


Globally Renowned for Our Insistence on Natural Ingredients.

The invention of gold leaf began in the early 1990s. Taiwanese artist Edison Chen, founder and inventor, has developed three-dimensional gold leaf tapioca pearls with gold leaf as the main medium by combining traditional craft and artistic paper sculpture, and has applied for the world's exclusive patent, so that every customer of Xing Fu Tang can have noble enjoyment of tapioca pearls.
"Dubbed “Hermès” in the pearl tea industry, Xing Fu Tang is always setting the trend, constantly striving to develop innovative products, with each new product being the world's first and having exclusive patented technology, such as tapioca balls inlaid with edible gold leaf, diamond Q cups, pearls with styles, and luxury beauty gold leaf series drinks. Xing Fu Tang has created tens of billions of values for its brand and has succeeded in conquering markets in five continents, including the United States, France, Britain, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The charm of Xing Fu Tang can't be resisted even by celebrities all over the world! The company shines brilliantly on the world stage, becoming the glory of Taiwan! Everyone on the street holding a Xing Fu Tang’s drink is a common sight across the world.