Brand Origin

The beginning of happiness is always so pure!

Xing Fu Tang, starting its business by selling bubble milk tea with brown sugar, has opened hundreds of branches in the world, and is the world leader in setting the trend and launching products that become a talking point and cause a global sensation.
Now we are expanding into the hot pot and xiaolongbao market, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy our superior service. We hope that more like-minded partners can join us to build the world's number oneXing Fu Tang international group, so that happiness can be conveyed to every corner of the world.

Brand Mission

Pass on Taiwan’s taste of happiness!
Insist on ancestral crafts of stir-frying brown sugar and tapioca balls every day.

We adhere to the ancestral crafts of stir-frying brown sugar, instead of the processed syrup and refined sugar used in the drinks in the past. Our unique pure flavor can be healthier and burden free for customers to enjoy our sweet-but-not-cloying taste.What's more, we have deeply rooted the Taiwanese culture in the brand, so that consumers can recognize the purest taste of happiness from Taiwan at a glance.

Brand Concept

Delivering the Taste of Happiness from Taiwan to Other Places Around the World

Xing Fu Tang adheres to the original intention for the brand,upholds the spirit of "innovation," "conscientiousness," "integrity" and "friendly service," and constantly strives for innovation and change,in order to become a world leader in the intensely competitivehand-shaken tea market. Moreover, the founder rewards his employees with profit sharing plans for their contributions.

Service Concept

Thinking More for Customers

Xing Fu Tang offers the best service, greeting customers with enthusiasm, sincerity and smile as they arrive, taking photos of happy moments for them, so that every customer can feel at home here and is deeply impressed with our service, thereby shortening the distance between customers and us. These goals and commitments are what the brand has been pursuing relentlessly.