Rose tea
    Feature: Based on top-grade Ceylon black tea, with Damask rose petals added, it gives off a rich rose fragranceand has the effect of skin care.

    Cotton Rose tea
    Feature: Cotton Rose has the natural ripe fruit honey fragrance, the flavor being unique and intriguing, the tea color being clear, bright red, with a special taste in the throat when drinking.
    White Michelia Jinxuan Oolong
    Feature: With the exclusive tea molecular extraction technology, its tea leaves extracted at low temperatures are natural, sweet, known as the "holy tea."

    High-mountain Dong Ding Jinxuan
    Feature: The hand-picked tea gives off floral fragrances and unique milk flavors, with smooth taste and a sweet aftertaste, so that every single leaf become a luxury masterpiece!
    Chilin tea
    Feature: The exclusive roasting technology makes the tea glow with unique flavors and mellow fragrances, which can be called ""the king of the best tea.
    Phoenix tea
    Feature: Absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, it is one of the highest-grade tea products. Barley and cassia seeds are carefully selected, and the taste of cassia seeds is warm, not bitter, with a long and fragrant aftertaste.